Is Your System Manual A Mess?

confusedIs your System Manual a mess? Entrepreneurs who know that in order to grow, best practices, systems and routines that ensure success must be documented. Whether the goal is to to franchise, grow as a chain, or sell the business, owner’s constantly hear, “If you want to grow, you’ll need an operations manual.”

Since 2003, JumpStart Manuals has worked with emerging, growing and mature brands to document and publish these core documents. Companies with operations manuals and standardized training programs are more valuable.  Well written standards eliminate confusion, create uniformity and give the business owners the ability to scale up.  Without organization, companies are stymied.

Business owners often say, “You’re kidding, right. I’ve got to figure out what processes and procedures we use, then I have to spend hours writing them down and still run my business? I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

Entrepreneurs, looking to cut costs might say, “I’ve got a sister-in-law who once wrote a _________.” Unfortunately she’s unaware of the nuances of franchise law, and its impact on your bottom line. This leads to confusion, annoyance and difficulty validating the system.  Because of this, it is often more expensive to go cheap.  However, JumpStart Manuals is committed to helping people of all budgets. With JumpStart Manuals, writing an operations manual is an investment, not a cost.

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